Three Ways To Recover Your Hair

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Do you have split ends, brittle hair and struggle from a scalp over dryness? If you do, you can change it by following some simple pieces of advice from the best specialist at fashion hair salon. 
#1 Nutrition
The first thing from what you should start is a healthy diet. Inconsistent nutrition can be a cause of many problems with health: obesity, skin problems and of course - hair loss and breakage. You should include more nuts and raw seeds: sunflower and sesame seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, and cashews are great super foods which are full of vitamin E, A and natural fat as well. Moreover,  eating only a handful of any of these nuts or seeds will provide you with a daily vitamins and fats norm. It will prevent scalp over dryness and moisturize your body from the inside.
#2 Fresh water

Drinking little amount of water per day can be a cause of hair and scalp over dryness too, that’s why you should make a golden rule for yourself to provide your body with enough quantity of fresh water. 7-8 glasses will be enough to stay moisturized and feel yourself fresh and active during an all day. 
#3 Less shampoo and other hair care products
Every day we watch TV ads which propose us so many different hair products, they are in pink shiny bottles and promise that your hair will look supple and radiant after the 1st usage. Liers! All of them have too much alcohol - just read content on the back of any bottle. Try to recover your tresses in a more natural way: shampoo your hair 2-3 times per week, it will prevent scalp over dryness; instead of conditioners you can apply homemade masks with a coconut oil just twice per week and this simple tip will change your life totally! Just massage a little amount of a coconut oil on your scalp and on your hair length, put a plastic cap and wrap with a towel, wait for 30-40 minutes and shampoo with a warm water. The result will astonish you; moreover, you will really see the result after 1st usage!

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

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Best Homemade Natural Scrubs For Your Body

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Did you know that our skin absorbs 70-80% what it comes in contact with? When you are using commercial harmful products, all of these ingredients in those products absorb immediately into your bloodstream. Sounds creepy, yeah? Don’t be afraid, girl! You are in the right place where you can check how to make healthy, natural scrubs for your skin to make it radiant and supple without any harm. Check out these simple tips from the top stylists at best salon NYC.

#1 Coconut oil + brown sugar

Coconut oil is the best oil ever; it prevents skin aging and moisturizes all your body; moreover, one simple coconut oil scrub can be a face wash, exfoliator and eye makeup remover.

Making and using: combine ½ cup of coconut oil with ¼ cup of granulated brown sugar. If you want to make it smell another way - just add ½ teaspoon of essential oil (orange, rose, tea tree or what else you might like)

Massage the scrub into your hands, face, legs and feet; wait for 5-7 minutes until the oil will absorb. 

#2 Cocoa oil + coffee

Yeah, if you are a die-hard coffee lover, this homemade scrub will be perfect for you. Make your skin smell like a fresh cup of coffee, girl; moreover, caffeine helps to reduce cellulite and cocoa oil is very rich in antioxidants, which are beneficial for our skin.

Making and using:
combine 1 cup of ground coffee with 1 cup of cocoa oil (you should warm it before mixing) and 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract, if you want to smell like a sweet vanilla latte.

Massage the scrub all over your body and leave it for 2-3 minutes until the oil will absorb. 

#3 Honey + lemon + sea salt

If you have too fatty skin, you might like this. Sea salt removes all unnecessary fat from your skin and lemon helps to stay it dry all day long while the honey moisturizes the body.

Making and using:
combine 1 cup of raw honey with a ½ cup of sea salt, add ½ tablespoon of lemon essential oil.

Massage your body at least 3-4 times a week and you will see the result: skin will look supple and won’t be fatty.

The great thing is that you can use natural scrubs every day and there won’t be any harm!

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Easy Tips To Keep Your Nails Healthy And Strong

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Fingernails are always exposed to damaging factors of surrounding. They can harbor different bacterias, become brittle or just look not attractive if you don’t care for them. Here are some pieces of advice to keep your nails in a tip-top condition by best nail salon NYC.

#1 Diet

The main thing from what you should start is a proper diet. Vitamin C, B, A and E are very important for formation not only of nails, but of hair too. So try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, such as kale, carrot and beans. It is a fact that green plants have lots of iron and calcium. Eat more spinach, fennel, parsley and lettuce.

#2 Protection 

Always wear gloves while washing dishes or just cleaning the house. Water and toxic cleaners can harsh your nails and cuticles. Also, they can dry your sensitive skin, it can lead to flaky skin. Avoid biting your cuticles. This part of our body has lots of bacteria, which can cause very dangerous infection. Don’t file nails after showering, they are too weak and likely to break.

#3 Give a rest

If you like to use a nail polish, don’t forget to give a break to your nails. They need a rest too; two-three days will be enough for repair. Keep your nails hydrated. Rub a small amount of  Vaseline or moisturizer with vitamin E before you go to bed. This simple procedure won’t make your cuticles get dry and rough.

#4 Caring

Don’t forget about different scrubs. Our skin is constantly regenerating, so take your chance to help it and go for different scrubs. Try to make a simple homemade scrub with soft soap and coffee or sugar. If you have a very oily skin, you can add sea salt. Remember that such DIY scrubs can be stored in refrigerator only for 3-4 days.

Moisturize your skin regularly, especially in winter. Dry air and cold weather are bad not only for the face, so give your hands and nails a little care with cream or some natural oils, like coconut, almond or cocoa. Natural oils are rich on fat and that’s so good for cold and dry weather.

If you will care for your nails and skin regularly, you won't face any problems and will look always gorgeous!

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