Simple Ways To Make Your Skin Look Magnificent

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During different weather, our face struggle with various problems. So how can you prevent common facial skin issues and look smart 24/7? We asked the top specialists at barber shops in Manhattan to let in on some secrets on how every man can do it.

#1 Use a daily cleanser
Especially in summer, when face always sweats and gather dirt from the surrounding, you should clean it more. It’s not enough to rinse a facial skin with a lukewarm water only. Actually, such wrong treatment provokes acne; don’t use soap as well, it dries skin and can be a reason of flakes. Buy some daily organic cleanser without alcohol in its content and wash a face 2-3 times per day to remove all dirt. This simple tip will prevent acne and pimples.

#2 Moisturizing cream
Even if you have too oily skin, you need to moisturize face and calm it after washing and shaving. Apply a daily moisturizing cream after face cleansing and more, if the weather is too cold or dry. It will make skin soft and supple, remove an irritation and red facial skin color. Moreover, there is no need to buy many creams (like night, daily or after shaving cream), it will be enough to buy one which will match to your skin type.

#3 Scrubs
Use scrubs every week, this simple tip refreshes a bloodstream, removes flakes and renews facial skin. You can make a simple, but so helpful one at home. Combine a ½ cup of a coconut oil with a ½ cup of brown sugar. Gently massage a mixture on face and wash it out with cold water. This straightforward procedure will make skin so luminous and fresh looking!

#4 Hydration
Another way to make a face look magnificent is hydration. We consist of water on 80%, and that’s why it is so necessary to drink enough amount of fresh and clean water every day. 9-12 glasses will be sufficient, drink more if you do sports regularly. Hydrate a body with fresh juices, fruit cocktails and smoothies as well.

Stay smart with a luminous face.

Male Celebrities Hair Transformations

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We all got used to the fact that Hollywood celebrities love experimenting with their appearance. Nobody will be surprised if Miley Cyrus, for example, dye her hair in red color or cut  it short. However, when famous representatives of strong sex undergo some radical changes, this even usually has great resonance all over the world. Our professionals at Lanny barbershop ny gathered three most sensational haircuts popular men recently introduced to the world. Check out this incredible combination of  big quiff, body hair, weird color, and more interesting ideas.
No matter whether you are looking for some inspiration for your own new look, or simply want to be aware of latest events in hairstyling fashion world, our blog is meant for you.

Jaden Smith's Grunge-God Green Color
Do you like playing with colors? Jaden Smith definitely likes! He changed his hair tint from red to blue since he embraced short buzz cut on his naturally kinky hair. Now, young Smith wears bright green hair with faded sides, that remains us about his previous blonde hue. If you want to copy this cut out, consult with your barber first, because using too bright color can look artificial.

Neymar`s Hawk
Neymar`s new hairstyle proves us one more vital hair truth: it is always better to embrace your natural structure, then try to face something. Brazilian football star embraced bleach-blonde mohawk on full display and it looks absolutely gorgeous. We all know that he loves to experiment with his mane, straighten it and cut, but this time he hit the mark.

Justin Hopwood's Shaved Head
Famous Ralph Lauren model shaved his head and leveled to the world horrible truth. He said that he recently lost his hair because of serious disease – alopecia. Nevertheless, he looks cool even with all those bald spots on his head. If you have any problems with hair, short buzz cut is a good way out. To all the rest, reduce on stresses and keep you  nervous system under control in order to avoid any troubles in future.

Draw an inspiration from our article and don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair, just like these famous and self – confident men.

Simple Ways To Care For A Long Mane

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Some men think that a long mane treatment is something supernatural, but actually, it’s effortless. Check out tips on how to make your life better, provided by the best barbers in NYC.

#1 Reduce the damage
Avoid everyday washing and try to reduce it up to 2-3 times per week, such way you’ll prevent hair over dryness, too greasy mane, and breakage as well. Using a hair dryer and styling products daily can damage it as well - it provokes split ends. Save mane with organic hair care products with no silicones, sulfates, and parabens in their content; there is no need to buy lots, shampoo and conditioner will be enough for proper treatment.

#2 More vitamins
Just adding more nuts and seeds to your diet can change the life of your mane. Full of natural fats, vitamin E and A, they will nourish all body from the inside and make scalp moisturized and as a result - will fasten mane growth. Eating only a handful of any seeds and nuts can provide you with a daily norm of essential vitamins and fats.

#3 More water
All we know that we consist of water for 80%, so that’s why it’s so important to drink enough amount of fresh water every day. This simple tip can solve so many problems not only with mane but with a facial skin as well. Drink at least 8-9 glasses of water every day and more if you do sports regularly.

#4 Moisturizing mask
A long mane is more affected to over dryness and breakage, so make a golden rule for yourself to apply moisturizing mask every week. Combine a ½ cup of a coconut oil with a ½ of a burdock oil, warm up the mixture, rub it on a scalp and all over the hair length, wait for approximately 40 minutes and wash it out with a daily organic shampoo. Coconut oil will deeply moisturize scalp while the castor oil will strengthen the roots. Even after the first usage, you will be able to see the result - supple, manageable and healthy mane.

Don’t forget to follow all these tips regularly.

Long Hair, Faster!

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Do you dream about having a long, gorgeous hair, but don’t know how to get it? You are losing your temper and thousands of different remedies are still of a no use. Yeah, we know that situation. If you really want to see some results, while visiting your favorite barber shop midtown, you have to rethink your everyday ration. How many fruits and vegetables you consume? Or you don’t like it at all and prefer some fast food and sweet drinks? If you want to find out whether you food promotes or prevents hair growth, read our article. Here we have top 3 must eat products for boosting your hair growth.

Booster # 1 Iron   
An Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Proverbs never come out of nowhere. Iron, high doses of which contain apples, and red meat is extremely important for your hair growth. Iron deficiency lead to anemia (lack of red blood cells in your blood), which in its turn is considered to be one of the main reasons of hair loss. Comb your hair and pay attention how much hairs left on it. If the picture of your brush scares you out, it is time to visit a doctor.

Booster # 2 Protein
Protein is the main constituent of our hair. Keratins is a special kind of protein that is responsible for your healthy, beautiful and bouncy locks. Our body loses it with age, that is why the older we are, the weaker and duller out hair becomes. Increase the level of proteins in your body by eating more chicken, salmon, shrimp and beef or fish.

Booster # 3 Omega – 3 fatty acids
Salmon is the best friend of all people who dream of having long, healthy and shiny locks. Omega – 3 fatty acids control normal functioning of scalp sebaceous glands. They are responsible for producing vital hair oil, that keeps scalp nourished and hydrated. Without omega – 3 fatty acids new, healthy hairs unable to grow out. Other sources of these beneficial fats are sardines, shrimp, cod, halibut and red snapper. Vegetable sources include green beans and orange squash.

Now you know what you need to eat in order to have marvelous hair in a few weeks.

Discovering Scalp Exfoliators

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Yeah, “scalp exfoliator” sounds a little bit weird and more like a torture machine then like a beauty hair remedy. However, it only sounds strange, the effect it produces is gorgeous. This thing will be extremely useful for those people who have oily hair type. Why do you think your hair looks so greasy and dirty even if you have washed it one day ago? Well, it happens because five minute head massaging with your shampoo is not enough to remove dirt, sweat, oil and buildup from your styling products. All these things remain on your scalp, causing itchiness, greasy roots and dull, lifeless hair. Pore and follicle clogging goes even without saying. Scalp exfoliators help to remove all those things and make your hair great again.
Our professionals at one of the hair salons in new york city picked out three most useful and working exfoliators for your hair. Check it out and hurry up to buy the one you like the most and pamper your head.

Scalp scrub from IGK has two main benefits: it contains walnuts in its content, what makes the scrub  completely natural, and it normalizes pH balance in your scalp. Are you surprised? Yes, the skin on your head also has its own pH balance that should be kept in.

Do you know why it is so cool? Alterna caviar clinical exfoliating scalp facial has special silicone brush on the top of every bottle that maximizes cleansing effect and makes the whole process much easier. Now, you don’t need to wash out all those tiny scrub particles from your hair, silicone brush will do it for you.

An ideal variant for curly and kinky hair. This scrub contain no sulfates, what makes it safe for curly haired girls. You shouldn’t worry about possibly frizzy hair and split ends, L'oreal Paris hair care ever fresh micro – exfoliating scrub contains crushed apricot seeds to gently exfoliate flakes, itchiness, and buildup.

Take care of your hair right, using these scrubs and enjoy the result.