Male Celebrities Hair Transformations

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We all got used to the fact that Hollywood celebrities love experimenting with their appearance. Nobody will be surprised if Miley Cyrus, for example, dye her hair in red color or cut  it short. However, when famous representatives of strong sex undergo some radical changes, this even usually has great resonance all over the world. Our professionals at Lanny barbershop ny gathered three most sensational haircuts popular men recently introduced to the world. Check out this incredible combination of  big quiff, body hair, weird color, and more interesting ideas.
No matter whether you are looking for some inspiration for your own new look, or simply want to be aware of latest events in hairstyling fashion world, our blog is meant for you.

Jaden Smith's Grunge-God Green Color
Do you like playing with colors? Jaden Smith definitely likes! He changed his hair tint from red to blue since he embraced short buzz cut on his naturally kinky hair. Now, young Smith wears bright green hair with faded sides, that remains us about his previous blonde hue. If you want to copy this cut out, consult with your barber first, because using too bright color can look artificial.

Neymar`s Hawk
Neymar`s new hairstyle proves us one more vital hair truth: it is always better to embrace your natural structure, then try to face something. Brazilian football star embraced bleach-blonde mohawk on full display and it looks absolutely gorgeous. We all know that he loves to experiment with his mane, straighten it and cut, but this time he hit the mark.

Justin Hopwood's Shaved Head
Famous Ralph Lauren model shaved his head and leveled to the world horrible truth. He said that he recently lost his hair because of serious disease – alopecia. Nevertheless, he looks cool even with all those bald spots on his head. If you have any problems with hair, short buzz cut is a good way out. To all the rest, reduce on stresses and keep you  nervous system under control in order to avoid any troubles in future.

Draw an inspiration from our article and don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair, just like these famous and self – confident men.

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