Simple Ways To Make Your Skin Look Magnificent

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During different weather, our face struggle with various problems. So how can you prevent common facial skin issues and look smart 24/7? We asked the top specialists at barber shops in Manhattan to let in on some secrets on how every man can do it.

#1 Use a daily cleanser
Especially in summer, when face always sweats and gather dirt from the surrounding, you should clean it more. It’s not enough to rinse a facial skin with a lukewarm water only. Actually, such wrong treatment provokes acne; don’t use soap as well, it dries skin and can be a reason of flakes. Buy some daily organic cleanser without alcohol in its content and wash a face 2-3 times per day to remove all dirt. This simple tip will prevent acne and pimples.

#2 Moisturizing cream
Even if you have too oily skin, you need to moisturize face and calm it after washing and shaving. Apply a daily moisturizing cream after face cleansing and more, if the weather is too cold or dry. It will make skin soft and supple, remove an irritation and red facial skin color. Moreover, there is no need to buy many creams (like night, daily or after shaving cream), it will be enough to buy one which will match to your skin type.

#3 Scrubs
Use scrubs every week, this simple tip refreshes a bloodstream, removes flakes and renews facial skin. You can make a simple, but so helpful one at home. Combine a ½ cup of a coconut oil with a ½ cup of brown sugar. Gently massage a mixture on face and wash it out with cold water. This straightforward procedure will make skin so luminous and fresh looking!

#4 Hydration
Another way to make a face look magnificent is hydration. We consist of water on 80%, and that’s why it is so necessary to drink enough amount of fresh and clean water every day. 9-12 glasses will be sufficient, drink more if you do sports regularly. Hydrate a body with fresh juices, fruit cocktails and smoothies as well.

Stay smart with a luminous face.

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