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Winter is always a hard period for your skin and fair. First of all, constant weather changes, low temperatures, snow and wind can ruin even the healthiest hair and dry out your perfect skin. However, not only natural weather conditions can spoil everything. Winter months is a party time. It means a lot of alcohol, sleepless nights and dancing till the morning.  As a result, you get dark circles under your eyes and damaged skin.
If you want to avoid these unpleasant aftermaths of good time spending, this article is for you. Our professionals at Ray barber shop created for you three vital skin care steps for all party lovers. Check them out and keep in mind next time you will be gathering for party.

# 1 Exfoliate the day before
If you still don’t know why guys have to exfoliate their faces, we will explain. Dirt, dead cells and oil accumulates on the surface of your skin, and the only way to remove clogged pores and all the rest is to exfoliate regularly. You should use any scrubs at the day of celebration, because you are risking to get red, irritated skin, instead of clean, smooth face.

# 2 Refresh your hairstyle
It doesn’t mean you have to change your style completely and try absolutely new hairstyle. The key moment here is to refresh your hair in order to look neat and nice even if you spent last 12 hours dancing in the club. And remember the simple truth: the shorter your hair is, the less maintenance it requires.

# 3 Don’t forget a fragrance
Women like guys who smell nice, if you are single, party is the best place to find your love, and good fragrance will draw her attention to you. There is no need to pour a half of bottle on your chest, it will not make look sexier, few drops will be more than enough. It is better to leave some mystery, then to scare off all women around you.

Follow these simple tips and you will look cool and stylish and every single party.

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