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Looking for a cool and stylish hairstyle we usually forget about a small peculiarity: the majority of them require a lot of time to style and maintain. And who wants to spend hours, standing in front of the mirror, trying to make your hair look neat and handsome, like it was yesterday, right after you left a barbershop? That is why you should pay more attention on styling tips and tricks of that hairstyle you are going to spot for.
Even if you are not a lazy person, but simply want to shorten your morning routine and spend more time drinking tasty coffee with your second half, instead of conjure on your mane, you are in the right place. Here you will fine three incredibly simple and good looking haircuts of a low maintenance.

# 1 Buzz cut
Buzz cut, initially a military one, today has become very popular among simple guys, who have no idea what army is. We think this phenomenon can be explained by its extra low maintenance and virtually absent styling. Everything is short and neat, just like you want it to be. You just wake up in the morning and already look cool.

# 2 French crop
If buzz cut is too short for you and you still want to embrace some length, choose French crop. It still requires minimum time and product to style, but leaves you some space to work with. It suits almost every face shape, so you can confidently spot it right now. Identified by its short tapered sides and defined fringe, the French crop needs nothing more than a quick clipper round the sides and a snip on the fringe to maintain the sharpness.

# 3 Crew cut
Here we have something right in the middle between buzz cut and French crop. It has short, almost clean shaven sides and playful texture at the top. It will work perfectly cool on both: thin and thick hair, so you can stop worrying about your mane and make an appointment with your barber.

Go for one of these simple and handsome haircuts and enjoy your life.  

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