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Hairstyle..have you ever thought how important it is for your overall image? And how seriously it would change if you suddenly become bald, or vice versa – grow out a long, messy mane? If you don’t want to change your image coordinately, but still need to improve your look, go for classic hairstyles!
There is a certain category of men cuts that never go out of fashion and thought to be handsome no matter what year is outside. These timeless hairstyles can help you to hit the aim and look nice, especially if you are not a fan of everything modern and extraordinary. 

# 1 French Crop
The reason why French crop is so popular is because it very simple, yet elegant and handsome. The major part of your hair remains away from your face, highlighting at the same time the most distinctive features. It is quite short, close to Caesar cut, what makes it the one of a low maintenance. It also works both on thin and thick hair and can also help you to hide the problem of hair loss if you have such.

# 2 The slick back
If you want to reveal your face shape and underline its structure, go for slick back hairstyle. This type of hairstyle will work only for those guys, who have flawless bone structure and good proportions. All the rest are risking to highlight things that should better be hidden. Incredibly thick hair is harder to work into a slicked back style, so make sure you have enough styling pomade, wax or whatever product you use in order to deal with your naughty strands.

# 3 The Pompadour
Want to make your round face look longer and slimmer? Go for pompadour! This hairstyle was invented in France is early 18th century and never lost its popularity since that time. All you need to do is to boost the volume and get perfectly polished finis with styling pomade and it is done! Gents with oval, triangle and round face shapes are encouraged to try out the pompadour, as the style is complementary to the facial proportions they possess.

Choose one of these gorgeous cuts and stay trendy o matter what!

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