How to maintain healthy hair in summer

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At the highest summer temperature you can get problems with scalp (dandruff, hair loss, oily skin), so do not delay treatment for this period. Under the influence of the sun, wind, salt water, it can become weak.
Even on vacation away from home, you can restore the health of scalp and hair with the help of special shampoos, lotions, activators.

Sports also have a positive effect on the hair condition: physical exercises stimulate blood circulation, deliver oxygen and nutrients to the hair bulb. In healthy hair, the recovery process after the summer heat passes faster.

Active rest - swimming, beach games, walking tours - surprisingly affects the beauty of hair. Many dysfunctions lead to the appearance of dandruff: decreased immunity, chronic infection, stress.

If you are healthy and cheerful, and dandruff still appeared, solve the problem with the very dandruff. Buy a remedy in a pharmacy - for example, a broad-spectrum shampoo.

Pay attention to your diet: animal fats, spices and alcohol strengthen the formation of dandruff. Eat more vegetables, sour-milk products (preferably with bifid additives).

Fans of folk remedies can try this recipe for dandruff.

Summer coloring

If the next coloring will be during the summer time, and you do not give up on this decision, take care to preserve the health of your hair and the color you are accustomed to.

The fact is that the hair that has sunburned on the sun becomes porous and absorbs the pigment more actively than in other seasons.

First, apply the hair dye to the roots of the hair (they need intensive staining), hold it for a while, and at the end of the procedure, comb the strands to the very tips. To save color, shorten the coloring time.

After the time is up, wash the head with shampoo for colored/weak hair and apply a treatment like hair mask. Then rinse well with lukewarm water.

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