Hair masks for beautiful hair

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After any chemical effect on the hair (perm, coloring, straightening, etc.), a hair mask is needed:
On cleanly washed hair, apply a mixture of 2 yolks, 10 drops of glycerin and lemon juice, 3 tablespoons of herbal decoction. Rub into the scalp, leave for 20 minutes and rinse.

With oily hair 30 minutes before washing, rub into the scalp the following mixture: a teaspoon of honey, aloe juice, lemon juice, one yolk and grated cloves of garlic.

Masks for hair. To strengthen hair, mix equal parts of the bark of oak and husks of onions. Pour a glass of boiling water into this mixture, keep it on low heat for about an hour, then let it cool. With the resulting solution, moisten the clean and damp hair and tie it with a tissue. Hold for 2 hours and rinse with warm water. Dry naturally, in the air. The procedure is carried out once a week.

Regular hair rinsing with onion husk broth also strengthens hair, making it silky, strong and healthy, giving it a golden hue. Take 50 grams of husk and pour 1 cup of boiling water and boil for 5 minutes. Cool, then rinse your hair after washing.

The benefits of nettle to our hair is known to everyone. Remember about it more often when caring for hair. Now summer, prepare nettles for the winter for the future and rinse hair with a healing decoction systematically. The result will not take long.

Combing the hair when it’s damp can be harmful! But if there is a need for this, cover it before this manipulation with the hair gel.

Hair care products with alcohol content in their composition are much more useful than products with oil components. The hairstyle will be irresistible if you pour a little champagne in your hand, apply it on your hair and put it in a hairdryer.